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Senior Backend Engineer / C# .NET / Data Team
You may have heard the joke that data is the new oil,
believe it or not, but we really are fueling the entire company:)
We're responsible for collecting, structuring and storing huge amounts of data,
150M+ new mentions in social media daily.
We run a standalone process to keep up-to-date with engagement and reactions to previously indexed posts and to make our collection fast but cost-effective we calculate different online ranks.
Community Manager
Written and spoken English is required!!!
Head of Operations
Unstoppable Domains is seeking a Head of Operations to work closely with our CRO & build out the business team. This is across multiple teams - Sales, Marketing, Community Management, and Integrations. Chief areas of focus are; building out/managing the CRM, hiring/onboarding new team members, and analyzing results.
Technical Customer Support Specialist
Cybercube is a universal Esports platform powered by Blockchain. We strive to give every player a chance to earn with his skills. Let's develop unique and innovative platform together! Don't hesitate to contact us.
Shopify/Wordpress developer
В аутсорсинговую компанию Grandz
Middle PPC
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